Hobby Goals

Hobby Goals

There has been a small discussion over at CMoN about the goals we set for our hobby and I’ve been thinking about it a bit after that and I think it’s an interesting topic.

As many others I try to set some small goals for the new year. They haven’t been very detailed but I like to have something to help me plan out what projects to start and I’ve found that goals help we with that.

But after thinking about it I decided to try and set up more goals and to have a mix of easier and harder ones and even some that I doubt I will be able to complete withing this year.

Before I’ve mostly had, paint more, paint better, buy less as my goals.

I have two lists, one with the goals that are more realistic and one with the hard ones that I don’t think I can pull off within this year but it’s good to have bigger goals/dreams as well.

List 1 – The easier ones:

  • Paint more then I buy
  • Try my hand on painting a historical miniature/bust
  • Keep posting regularly on my blog
  • Paint more larger scale miniature (70+mm)
  • Read up on (and use) the theoretical aspect of painting (color theory etc)
  • Get a higher score on CMoN, at least an 8.5 (unfortunately the voting system they use is quite wonky (technical term) and has some big problems)
  • Keep trying to learn new techniques (TMM and how to handle light is a priority)
  • Enter at least 1 online competition if I can find one

List 2 – One can dream:

  • Get invited to the CMoN Annual
  • Get in at Putty & Paint (the dream goal, and while I don’t think that my work is that good yet, I hope that it will be one day)


Do you set any goals for your hobbies?