Abyssal Warlord WIP – Part 2

Abyssal Warlord WIP – Part 2

I made some good progress on the Warlord last night after I got some good advice here on the blog and at Wamp. I’ve toned down some small parts and started adding some more colored glazes.

Besides that, I added the teeth on his front torso and started on the fabric areas. I decided on a dark red that should match up with the green tones of his armor.

I started on the shield arm and got most of it down, then I tried freehanding a pattern.. well it didn’t turn out well so I stripped it and have started over. With that I also decided to change the pattern to something that’s a bit easier to paint.


Road Trip

We had a gaming store open up in a town about an hour away from here a while back (something I had completely missed) and they had a pretty good sale going yesterday so three of us from the club made the drive to see if we could find some good deals.

The store was smaller then I expected and didn’t have a very big selection yet but I think it will grow with time.

The sale was good, everything in the store had a nice discount but I didn’t find anything myself but my two friends did find some.

I hope they will manage to survive, it would be fun to have a store a bit closer.

  • Liking the highlight transitions a lot better at this stage. Shadowed items are definitely in shadow now! Very nice work Nils! Excited to see the other pieces hit the photos!

  • Thanks! It’s quite fun to paint in a more TMM style I have to say.