Unboxing: Blabla, Blacksmith Miniatures

Unboxing: Blabla, Blacksmith Miniatures

  • Company: Blacksmith Miniatures
  • Scale: 40mm
  • Material: Resin
  • Availability: Not limited


Blacksmith Miniatures is a small french company that offers some really nice miniatures. Most of them are based on different mythological creatures like Fauns, Leprechauns, Trolls and so on.

This was my first order from them and I decided to get Blabla, a Leprechaun I think. The reason why I picked him was that I’ve had an idea for a while, to make a small diorama as a gift and he will be perfect for it.


The packaging was very good. The miniature was in a big blister pack and hadn’t been damaged on it’s way here.




He consists of only 3 pieces, body, head, hand. You do get the option of two different heads and either a wooden staff or a nasty looking sword/farmers tool in his hand.


The casting is very good. There’s a little bit of very thin flash and some minor mold line.

It’s definitely a miniature that has a lot of character. Everything from the mushroom hat to the little snail on the staff just looks like something I would have been reading about as a kid. I love it.

My brain is already grinding away trying to come up with another reason to order from them again.