General Update

General Update

It’s been a very slow week with very little painting being done. Mainly because I dropped the Jessica Thunderhawk mini I’m currently painting. Not a huge deal but it cracked the paint on her legs so I’m going to start them over when my motivation comes back.

Besides that the only painting I’ve done is trying to get a good effect from crackle paint and it’s been frustrating me like hell.

I’ve used Vallejo’s version a couple of times with mixed results (mostly bad) so I order one of Distress’ and was hoping for some great results.

So I started putting some of it on the shield from the Abyssal Warlord I’m working on as well and waited and after an hour or so I checked on it and it did crack but it also made the paint and crackle paint peel off. It was enough to blow on the shield for it to fly away.

I then tried it on some other random pieces and it seems (correct me if I’m missing something) that it doesn’t like being used on a metal miniature. Plastic was no problem and the only way I got it to kinda work on metal was if I painted a thin diluted layer of PVA glue.

  • So sorry to hear about the mini drop :(.