Abyssal Warlord WIP – Part 4, Base #2

Abyssal Warlord WIP – Part 4, Base #2

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been working on the base for the Abyssal Warlord and have some doubts about the choice of theme.

I went with a forest theme and while I like the base it just doesn’t look right with the design of the miniature (that has a strong aquatic feel to it).

With a big lack of ideas I asked for some advice from the always helpful #Warmongers on Twitter.

I got some good ideas but two of them sounded more fun than the others.

First of was an old temple, Atlantis style and a secondly a chaos altar. I liked both those ideas but after doing some drawings I ended up choosing the Atlantis idea but as a big fan of HPL, I switched Atlantis for R’lyeh.

To start it off I baked a semi thick piece of Super Sculpey and made a design on the computer and then got some tools and started carving out the design.

After that was done. It was time for the hammer, carefully breaking it down to smaller pieces. I quickly realized that trying to do that was harder than I thought it would be and I ended up with smaller pieces then I had planned for. But with some glue and a lot of cursing, I managed to get it sorted.

It was a bit depressive to smash something you’ve worked on for 2 to 2,5 hours with a hammer but at the same time, it was quite fun.


To add more to the R’lyeh theme I sculpted some tentacles from Super Sculpey that will come up from the collapsed part of the base, which will be partially under water. My sculpting skills aren’t the best but they look ok enough for me.

My plan is to more or less finish both the bases and then see witch one I like the most.

  • The fact that the base broke up in ways you didn’t want, and had to be sorted out, probably gives you a better end result by being unpredictably more random 🙂

  • That’s a very good point. Going to try to get it built today so I can get some paint on it tomorrow.