Abyssal Warlord, Showdown of the Bases

Abyssal Warlord, Showdown of the Bases

Neither base is finished at this point but they’re finished enough to ask you people for feedback on which one you think I should use.

First up is a forest base with some pieces of old statues. I do like this base but I’m not entirely sure that the theme is right for this miniature. There will be more vegetation added later and I would like to add some more color to break up the green.

Then we have the second base, this time a ruined temple style that will have the collapsed part filled with water effects. I think this theme goes better with the miniature but I’m not sure that I like it as much as the forest base at this stage.


Right now I’m leaning towards the forest base but I would still like some feedback on them.

And yes I’ve apparently managed to chip the paint on his feet while changing base.






  • Top base. It adds to the model without distracting from him. The bottom base is a bit busier, and also shares a lot of the brighter highlights that are in the model, which distracts from him a bit.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I think I’m going to follow your suggestion. I’m going to add some ferns and see how it looks.