Findings #1

Findings #1

Here I will share hobby related things that’s worth sharing. It might be new miniatures, old miniatures or just something really funny (or random crap).


First we have a miniature from Ares Mythologic called Zoraida and it’s one of the best female sculpts I’ve seen in some time and their painted version is just stunning.




Romain Van den Bogaert finished a really cool demon sculpt and yes, I’m on the waiting list to get one.



BrokenToad released the Tooth Fairy made by Giorgos Tsougkouzidis and is much inspired by Mignola/del Toro, my copy should be in the mail this week.



Nuts! Planet released their first fantasy miniature, which looks great.



And they started a new range of near future Sci fi called Ghost Company.



I found a new (for me) store that sells plinths, Hydra Models. They have a big selection and looks great. They are more expensive than many of the other plinth makers but from the looks of it, they’re a step above in quality. I haven’t seen any outside their website so I could be wrong.



Figone released Kahar, another great weird animal sculpt by Allan Carrasco.



And while on the subject, Wonderlands Project released Homme Requin, the best shark miniature I’ve seen (not that I’ve seen very many but still..).



And that concludes this list for now.