Squosk WIP – Part 1

Squosk WIP – Part 1

Today I have a wip of Squosk, the weird alien I got a while back. I started painting him right after I got him but I haven’t done anything for a while now but I’m going to try to finish him soon.

I decided to try a, for me, new technique of painting him. The base colors are applied as normal and a little bit of shading, mostly to help me see where to place them during the next step.

Everything done after that has been with dry pigments (weathering powder). I read about the technique on CMoN and it sounded interesting so I decided to try it out and see how it works.

As I needed quite a large selection of pigments I ordered a box of soft pastels that had a good selection of 24 different colors. To make them into a powder was really easy, I just scraped them with a knife. You don’t have to scrape very much off to get a good amount of powder so this box should last me for a long time.


  • Woooow! I’m always surprised your comments aren’t full. Awesome that you are trying new techniques with this guy!

  • Thank you! Yea I think that getting people to comment is more or less the hardest part of blogging and I’m not sure how to improve that aspect.

  • It’s a slow slow build up. You can get so many views, but so little interaction. That is why I comment on virtually every blog I visit. Makes me angry when awesome work isn’t being talked about!

  • Yea I think I’m not the best at commenting, I read most of the blogs I follow through their rss feeds but I should follow your example and become more active and I agree that it can be frustrating as hell to see mind blowing miniatures not getting the attention it deserves.

  • It does work, but booooy is it time consuming. Things like disqus really help though, which is why I’m glad you use it 🙂

  • Yea I can imagine 🙂 Disqus seems quite good, much better then a lot of the native comment systems on the different blog platforms.