Bolt Action, Italy vs Everyone Else

Bolt Action, Italy vs Everyone Else

This last Sunday I was down at the club playing some good games of Bolt Action. The first game was me with my Italians against a British home guard list with the Dad’s Army characters.

I decided to try running a list with a lot of colonial units, I had one full unit of Colonials plus three units of Colonial Cavalry, two with six men and one with ten.

For the first two or three rounds or so they were very successful and I was heading towards a big win.

Unfortunately that changed. I started loosing units much faster then I could eliminate the enemy’s units and by the end of round five I didn’t have much left of my army and we decided to end the game there as I had no way of turning it around at that point. It was a very fun game with two weird lists.

Game #2

During the last half of the game two other friends showed up to join in on the fun and we decided to play a simple scenario where you score points by occupying buildings and you loose points when your units die.

The two new players both played German lists but very different builds. For this scenario, my list wasn’t very good having invested quite a lot in my cavalry and I didn’t want to ditch the horses as the first thing they do.

It was a really fun game and it was much more even then I thought it would be and the scenario worked out very well.

The final scores were very even and only one of us managed to end on a positive score. I ended at -1 I think.




As you can see in the photos our table is a bit eclectic at the moment. We have a good amount of buildings but still need a gaming mat instead of using the GW Battle Board (or what they’re called) and some more houses so it looks a bit more uniform.

I’m looking at try to make a gaming mat or two and some good roads from a couple of tutorials I’ve found. So right now I’m trying to figure out where to get the fabric needed for it.

What I learned

Well the big thing I learned was that there’s a big risk in using inexperienced units and especially if you give them horses as the cost gets a bit to high. They’re an absolute nightmare for your opponent if the make it in to close combat but it’s not easy to get them there as they die very easy.

Expanding The Reds

I’ve been toying around building some test lists using either the Stalingrad or Sevastopol lists. I think both lists has something to offer but I think that the Stalingrad list is most likely more fun to play against. But at the same time, a Sevastopol artillery list could be fun to try.

I ordered a box of the winter infantry to bulk out my forces. I’m planning to have them based around late fall / early winter so I can use both the normal and winter uniforms.


Warlord Games


Easy Army (a great army list builder)