BA: Mother Russia Advances

BA: Mother Russia Advances

First some inspirational music:

(sisters of mercy, one of my all time favorite bands)


or maybe this is better?:

(crappy but amusing song)


The Advancing Bear

This weekend I played another multiplayer Bolt Action game, this time we were 5 players, and while the last game was chaotic, this game took it to a new level. Very chaotic and confusing but it was a very fun game.

For this game I used my Soviet army and it went quite well, I didn’t get much casualties but at the same time I didn’t inflict much damage to any of the other players.

Thanks to the low casualties I ended up winning the game but as as I said, I hardly inflict any damages so I’ll call it a coward’s win 🙂

I didn’t remember to take very many photos of this game so it’s a smaller gallery then from the game before this one.

Building Houses

Quite some time ago I started making some new buildings to expand our collection, especially the WW2 and I made the first batch and they turned out ok. Then a while back I decided to make some more and ended up with ~10-15 houses that has been sitting in a box a closet collecting dust.

I got around half way finished with them before I got bored of it and finding something else to do. But recently I’ve been thinking of finishing them so we have more buildings for when we play city games (it gets boring using the same terrain over and over).

So I attacked the box and I’m finishing one of them so I can see if it looks good enough or if I should just buy some.

When I started them I had some problems finding a good way to keep the roof and different floor sections connected. I tried to put some foam board guides but it didn’t work as well as I had hoped and were prone to break when used.

To solve it I decided to try using magnets. I bought quite a lot of 3mm magnets really cheap some years ago and I haven’t used very many of them so they were perfect for this trial.

I started with the broken roof section and I got that to work as well as I wanted so I went ahead and magnetized the second floor as well. I didn’t expect it to work very well but in the end it actually does. I can without any problems lift the whole house and it’s base only holding on to the second floor.

It required quite a lot of magnets so on the next one I’m going to experiment a bit to see how many I need.

I also printed out some scaled doll house wallpaper and flooring to add a bit more realism to the house. The wallpaper worked out really well (besides using to much glue) but I’m not sure on the flooring.

It’s almost time to start painting the exterior and wooden parts and I’m going to give it a little bit of texture if I can find some sand that’s fine enough or some wall filler.