Abyssal Warlord – Finished

Abyssal Warlord – Finished

Finally the wait is over, I got around to finishing the last small pieces on the Warlord and put him on his base.

It’s taken longer than I was planning on and has been quite frustrating at times but it’s also been a very interesting project, I tried some new techniques and I hope that I learned a bit about TMM and the theory behind it.

I can highly recommend this miniature and while it did have some issues fitting together (that was easily fixed with some putty) I still rate it very high.


Next up will be me trying to finish the Blabla leprechaun before the end of the week.

After that I’ll have to focus a bit on my rapidly growing Soviet army for Bolt Action. I started by ordering a box of winter infantry and the army book and then I started playing around with some army lists and came to the conclusion that I needed another box so I ordered that plus some extra weapon sprues.

Then Warlord started their Army Builder deal so I got that as well. So all in all, 154 infantry, a team and command, a armored car and a tank. I think I quadrupled my army with those orders.

  • This model turned out absolutely brilliantly Nils! I think if I had any critque, it would be to bring a spot of highlight onto the top of the helm, and maybe the upper right corner of the shield…but those types of critques don’t usually work at this level, as I can’t see the mini in person to properly give super nit picks!

  • Thank you very much! I think you are right about spot highlights, lighting and contrast is something that I do need to learn more about.

  • Also remember if I give any feedback like this, it’s because I feel you are painting at a competitive level, and at those levels, the tiniest things can make a big difference!

  • Absolutely and I always appreciate constructive criticism, it’s very helpful when trying to improve.