Findings #2

Findings #2

Here I will share hobby related things that’s worth sharing. It might be new miniatures, old miniatures or just something really funny (or random crap).


Blacksmith Miniatures released Mahé the Sailor.



Scale75 posted some new guides on their Smog Riders website and they introduced “Danielle” who will responsible to answer your questions about painting the Smog Riders.


West Wind launched the kickstarter for the second edition of Secrets of the Third Reich and cancelled it.



Life Miniatures has released a very nice bust of Paul Von Hindenburg.



A pretty new company, 2Dreamers who, for now, are releasing busts of people who has been in space. Right now they have Gagarin (who I hope you all know who he is) and G.S.Titov. These busts looks great and it’s a fun and quite original theme and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up buying at least Gagarin.


nicksirigos on P&P posted a awesome piece that was sculpted and painted by him.



Not a new article but still pretty damn good. About making realistic dioramas.