Unboxing: Tooth Fairy, BrokenToad

Unboxing: Tooth Fairy, BrokenToad

  • Company: BrokenToad
  • Scale: ~12cm without the base
  • Material: Resin
  • Availability: Limited, 100 copies

Yesterday I got a package that I’ve been waiting for, the first miniature released by BrokenToad and is sculpted by Giorgos Tsougkouzidis.

First of, it’s quite clear where they got their inspiration from. It’s a nastier version of the Tooth Fairies in Hellboy so part of the credit goes to Mignola and del Toro . As I’m a very big fan of both in their respective mediums I have no problems with that.

With my fascination with surreal horror and creepy things, the aesthetics of this bust goes very well with that and I made the order as soon as the news popped up.

I hadn’t had any dealings with BrokenToad before but I don’t think that I had heard any bad reviews of their service and I don’t have anything negative to say about them either.


So let’s get to the fun part shall we?

As I’ve said many times before, I love fancy packaging and they didn’t dissapoint me. They showed photos of it when I ordered it so it didn’t come as a surprise but still, bloody brilliant.

As you can see in the photo, it comes in a custom wooden box with the art printed on the top which, besides looking great, also did a great job protecting the resin inside.



Besides the bags with the resin parts there’s also a card with the artwork on one side and on the other one you have a short text and the number of your cast. I ended up with #15



On the next photo you can see the different parts in their bags. I checked them to see if theres any flash, bubbles etc and I did find a minor amount of flash but no bubbles or anything else.


Next up we have the main part of the bust, the body and head. The details look very nice and it’s around the size I was expecting, which doesn’t happen very often, I can’t measure size just by eye, I’m utterly terrible at it.



Lastly we have the tooth, which was bigger then expected. As you can see on the photo, it’s around 4cm tall.


As you might have understood, I like this bust and it’s going to be a treat painting it and I can absolutely recommend ordering one before their sold out if you’re planning on getting one.

Also worth mentioning, BrokenToad has a painting competition running for the Tooth Fairy with a big £500 cash first price.