Unboxing: Soviet Infantry (Winter), WLG

Unboxing: Soviet Infantry (Winter), WLG

  • Company: Warlord Games
  • Scale: 28mm
  • Material: Plastic

I started to collect a Soviet army for Secrets of the Third Reich and I never got along with the official miniatures so I started buying them from Warlord instead. Back then they didn’t have much to offer when it came to plastic infantry, they might have released one box by the time we started , so it was all metal and I got a big enough army for that game and never really started expanding it any more.

So then they released the plastic Soviet infantry box and I wasn’t all that excited as I didn’t really want more summer Russians running around. Then they released the Siberian vets and the winter box and that worked much better with me but it still took some time to get me started “expanding” (more replacing the old army with a new one).

A couple of good deals later I had 3 boxes of winter infantry and 1 with Siberian vets (and some other things) in the mail.

This first part will be about the winter infantry and we’ll do one for the Siberians later on.




They come packed just as all the other infantry boxes, in a pretty nice and effective paper box.

This one comes with 5 infantry sprues, 3 weapon sprues and some bases and a pamphlet with what parts goes with what. Also quite nice, simple and effective.


The weapon sprue is quite packed with weapons and some other small pieces of gear to add to the soldiers. You get around 24 different weapons and some grenades and gear. It’s a good mix between the most used weapons, the rifle and smg and sure, more “special weapons” would be nice but it’s better get enough basic weapons so you can build those units and the sprue isn’t very expensive to order from Warlord if you need to (I did just to be safe).

The detail of the weapons are very nice and crisp and I have no complaints at all.


On to the infantry sprue..

It comes with 8 soldiers per sprue, 5 in great coats and 3 in the padded winter uniform, and has 11 pairs and 7 single arms plus a good amount of heads and some small pieces of gear.

I think 8 soldiers per sprue is a good amount and it still have room for extra arms and gear.

The details on the great coats are a little bit on the soft side but it could also be because of the equipment they comes with. I’m not an expert when it comes to Soviet uniforms.

The soldiers in padded uniforms looks great are as detailed as one can expect from a product like this.



I like them, they are perfect for building a Soviet WW2 army. They come with a good amount of bits and weapons and the price is very good.



Warlord Games






  • siggian

    The padded clothing soldiers are recycled poses from their 40 figure box of Russians (as is the weapon spue). There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just something to be aware of if you were hoping to get completely different poses.

    You can see for yourself here:

  • Oh I did not know that, it doesn’t effect my army as I don’t have any of the first set but still, a bit lame even if understandable.