Heatwave Paralysis

Heatwave Paralysis

I don’t get along with high temperatures and right now I have around 29 degrees inside the apartment so I’m not at my most productive stage and could probably complain about that for hours right now but I’m going to try not to 🙂


I’ve started painting some more on the Leprechaun that was supposed to be finished like a month ago. It’s getting a pretty basic quality and I hope to have him finished next week at least, a bit depending on the weather.

Sorry for the cellphone photo buy it’ll have to do for now.


Mad Maxing

Back in 2011 the MV team ran a Mad Max car contest had had some absolutely brilliant entries and they have (like a week ago I think) another one planned for this fall. This one seem to have less restrictions on what you enter.

I thought this sounded like a fun project so I’ve raided my mum’s house for some vehicles I can use and I found a pretty large scale police van. It’s a toy so it’s not super detailed so I’m considering ordering a proper model instead but anyway.. I’m definitely going to enter.

And Other Stuff


I’m re-watching a, what I think is a hidden gem in some ways, Doomsday which might not be the best movie in the world but they have really captured the raw post apocalyptic punk look (which I love) and tossed in a big portion of body mods, which is something I like a lot (even though I don’t have that many myself nowdays.. only.. 3 crappy tattoos and 4 piercings (used to be a lot more in my younger days)). Plus the acting is ok and Malcolm McDowell is in it, a recipe for success ;).


Doomsday @ RT