Findings #3

Findings #3

Here I will share hobby related things that’s worth sharing. It might be new miniatures, old miniatures or just something really funny (or random crap).


First up is a really well painted chaotic miniature from Leben Model painted by Robert Carlsson.


Then we have a small cool diorama made by Curtis Shoemake for the Iron Painter competition and is one of the best 2d backdrop I’ve seen this far.



By the same guy we have a really cool Doctor Ood (Who) diorama with tons of character.


After that awesome diorama we have a bust made by Fer Miniatures and painted by the all so talented Roman Lappat from Massive Voodoo.


Young Miniatures keeps releasing awazing pieces and this one isn’t any different.


And the last piece isn’t released yet but it’s available for pre-order. It’s sold by Aradia and it’s sculpted by Allan Carasco and it’s another one of his humanoid animals which most people seem to love and I don’t blame them, they do look awesome.

This time it’s a humanoid whale called Mawhi and I can’t wait to get my pre-ordered copy. It doesn’t seem like it’s up on their website but you can pre-order it by email.

Mawhi - the whale man

That’s it for this time.