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Bolt Action: Gathering the Horde

Bolt Action: Gathering the Horde

The build phase has started for the Soviet horde. I’m cleaning and building them squad bu squad right now and while I have made some progress there’s a lot of them left.

I have 4 boxes of plastic infantry and some metal miniatures from my earlier Soviet army that will get re-used. For vehicles I have one BT-7 and one BA-6 that I got with my infantry order and I have a T34 and one KV-2 for the previous army.

A large part of the horde

To help me not getting to overwhelmed and confused by the number of models I have to prep and paint I’ve made a spreadsheet to help me organize it all.

The list right now consists of:

  • 2 Lieutenant teams
  • 2 Rifle squads
  • 3 SMG squads
  • 3 Veteran squads
  • 1 Major/Captain team
  • 2 Commissar teams
  • 2 Observers, 1 of each
  • 2 Dog-mine teams
  • 2 Sniper teams
  • 3 Ampulomet teams
  • 2 Tank hunter teams
  • 1 MMG
  • 1 HMG
  • 1 Medium mortar
  • 1 Light mortar
  • 1 Flamethrower team


I Want More..

With the planned squads it should land at around 120 infantry plus the vehicles and that means that I have more or less one box left to do something with.. maybe some more riflemen, you can never have enough inexperienced rifle fodder.

There’s a couple of things I still need to get, I don’t have any dogs yet for the dog-mines. I’m planning on using Celtic dogs that Warlord sells and just make some contraption to glue on them. I also want a couple more vehicles like some transport option and one or two Katyusha’s… I can’t have a Soviet army without them but there’s hardly anyone that makes them in the right scale, the only one I know is Mad Bob.

I might need smaller tank like the T-70 when using the Stalingrad list.

Or until I find something else I don’t really need like a Tachanka, which might be the most terrible unit in the game (but kinda fun).