Another Notch On The Belt (Birthday)

Another Notch On The Belt (Birthday)

So today is my birthday which I spend at the club watching a pretty epic 40k grudge match between Daemon Kin and Nurgle Marines and some card games after that which was fun. An old friend is home visiting for a couple of days so we’re trying to get as much gaming as possible before he heads back.

I don’t celebrate my birthday very much, neither in my family does, and I more or less took care of that this last Sunday as my sister was down here visiting so it was nice to spend it with good friends and good games.


I got the Fall of Cthulhu Omnibus, a good Lovecraft based graphic novel from my sister, definitely a good gift as I really like Lovecraft and the setting he created.

Besides that I mostly got the normal, slightly boring but needed gifts and some cash that I’m trying to decide what to spend on which is proving more difficult then it normally is. I’ll probably end up getting some paint and a miniature or two.