Age of Sigmar, First Game

Age of Sigmar, First Game

Yesterday I had the opportunity to try the new Age of Sigmar rules. We were 4 players in total, 2 per side. I used my Daemons and the other guy on my side had Orcs and on the other side there were an Ogre army and one Stormcast.

I wasn’t very well prepared for the game, I had only read the rules once and hadn’t really checked out the Daemon rules at all and I hadn’t been keeping up with the rumors either.

I didn’t have very high expectations at all and while I thought that it could prove to be a smart move by GW to make FB an entry game, FB hasn’t appealed to me that much, neither as a game or as a genre.

As neither of us were very well prepared it was a very confusing game, finding new rules every other turn that we played wrong and so on. But even with our confusion, the game had a good flow to it.

The game felt more solid then I was expecting and for being a 4 page rule set it’s pretty good and I do think it can work very well as an entry game. There are some issues with it but I think most of them comes from me expecting a more advanced set of rules.

Is it something I’ll play again? Absolutely, and I hope that it will revive fantasy gaming in the club a bit.

But I doubt it will make me go out and get more units for my armies.

  • Snap some photos next time Nils!

  • That’s the plan 🙂 Hopefully the next game will be a bit more organized so I know that I’ll be playing before hand.