The Tooth Fairy, An Adventure Into The World Of Oil

The Tooth Fairy, An Adventure Into The World Of Oil

As I wrote in my last post, the next competition I’m planning on entering is run by BrokenToad and only includes copies of their Tooth Fairy bust and my plan is to paint a big part of it using oil paints to help me get started to get a bit more used to it’s characteristics.

I have used oils a bit before but most of that was in the shape of washes (which I really like). I’ve also painted a bit with it on canvas but that was in school and my guess would be that it was around -98 so it’s not anything that will help me nowadays.

I got started with the Tooth Fairy a couple of days ago and I’ve started blocking in the colors over an acrylic base. I haven’t got much further then that yet so I would hardly call it a WIP just yet but I’m playing around a bit with the paint, trying to get used to it so I hope it will get a bit better later on.

Unfortunately the photo didn’t turn out very well. I’ve been having some issues with Lightroom since I re-installed my computer but I think I’ve solved most of the issues now.. or so I hope.


  • This terrifys me Nils. Doing a great job!