“On The Edge of No Man’s Land” – Part 1

“On The Edge of No Man’s Land” – Part 1

The last couple of weeks have been so very, very slow and with a pretty big lack of inspiration and feeling generally off, which equals, not much painting being done.

I’ve been playing around some more on the Tooth Fairy but not really any progress. Right now I’m glad that I have around a month to finish it.

The other day I started another project, this time the “On The Edge of No Man’s Land” bust from Life Miniatures. I like most of their busts and I think this one is my favorite so I got it a while back. Unfortunately my camera is at my mother’s place and my phone camera made him look like a mime or maybe an 80s goth singer. Painting busts in that scale is something I would like to do more and get better at. Right now I’m looking for any WW1 ones but there doesn’t seem to be that many available.


When I was doing some searching for advice about painting busts I found a small guide on Life Miniatures website that had an interesting way of painting skin so I’m giving that a try to see if it works for me or not. http://www.lifeminiatures.com/#!waffen-ss-infantryman-01/crxc

Mail Time

I did get some goodies in the mail yesterday from Pk-pro that I’ve been waiting for. With their normal fast delivery I didn’t have to wait for very long. It’s definitely one of my favorite stores and I spend more hobby money there then anywhere else.

First up is the Rise of Fantasy, how to build fantasy scenes by Juan J. Barrena (Acción Press). I’m reading it on and off right now and it seems pretty good this far.


The second part of the mail was some new brushes. I got 4 new W&N s7’s and 1 Raphaêl 8404 to try out as I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. Unfortunately I messed up a bit when ordering so I got the wrong size on one of the s7’s, but it was 100% my own fault and I guess having a backup brush is never a bad idea either.


I tried the 8404 a little today while doing some glazes and this far I’m impressed with the quality. Are they better then the s7’s? Not sure yet but from my very short test they are at least as good as the s7’s.

Italy Goes to War

Yesterday I found my Bolt Action Italians in a box and realized that I hadn’t finished basing them, or painting them all as well, so I’m working on their bases right now, waiting for the crackle medium to dry.

In the photo I’ve just over brushed it with some Vallejo sand color.