Tooth Fairy, Help With Color Theme

Tooth Fairy, Help With Color Theme

The last weeks I haven’t made any progress on the Tooth Fairy bust and after some thinking I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t happy with color scheme I went with. So last night I tossed it in some Simple Green so I can start over.

The problem is that I don’t know how to paint it. I spent some time yesterday playing around in Photoshop trying out some color schemes but I still have no idea. If I didn’t have a deadline I would put it aside until I got some good ideas but I need it done.

So I would like to hear your ideas on the color scheme, I’m pretty much open to anything at the moment.

by BrokenToad
by BrokenToad
  • Decide on the scheme of the tooth first. Is it a fresh tooth? Is it an old tooth? Was it a tooth falling out or ripped out? Was the tooth from a smoker? Is it stained?

    I see it as the tooth being fresh, and dark around his mouth. With his mouth getting lighter and then fading to dark down the body, kinda of telling the story about how he uses the teeth to sustain himself.

    You could go as far as having the enamel color from the front of the tooth be “his” color. Then shift to the decay color closest to him. With him actually being tooth colored, as he strips the enamel from it.

  • I was thinking a fresh tooth ripped out and going with the theme I wash thinking it
    came from a child so quite clean.

    Do you mean to have to tooth dark by his mouth or just the beginning of the mouth itself? Either way it sounds quite interesting.

  • Imagine the enamel color transferring out of the tooth into the model. It would be darkest near the mouth, and the mouth/face would be lightest by the dark area of the tooth (as he sucked the enamel into his being). This would create a nice focus and modulation around the face.

  • Ah ok now I understand, I tried my Photoshop skills (which aren’t good these days) and got this mock up:

  • Oooh that’s pretty close to what I was thinking. Just a bit less on the front of hte tooth (stick to recesses and back part for the decay), and maybe move more of the enamel type color into the face. Also make sure to get more feedback! damn people comment!

  • Awesome, thank you for the help, I’m going to try it out and hopefully get it done in time. I think it will add to the creepy feeling the bust have.

  • Anytime! Your mastery of the brush far exceeds mine, so I’m excited to see how it all turns out!