Tooth Fairy, Full Pictures

Tooth Fairy, Full Pictures

So the competition is over and the results have been posted so now I can show the full photos of my attempt to paint this monster.

The winner was Steve ‘Captain’ Cornish’s version (P&P Link) and I think it was a good one to pick. The quality was pretty high so I can highly recommend checking the BrokenToad’s Facebook page for the entries at







  • Shame they haven’t annouced placement of the top three. I always really want to know how close I was…was I dead last in the finalists? Was I in the top 5? was I #4?

    I want more photos! I can see where his mouth is definitely more eye catching on the winners prize…hard to pick by photos though.

  • Yeah I was hoping they would rank more than the winner, I also like to know a bit more where I placed. But it can be quite a lot of work if it’s a big competition or so I can imagine.