DreadTOBER WiP – Part 2 – Painting da Kan

DreadTOBER WiP – Part 2 – Painting da Kan

So yesterday I got started painting the Killakan after I decided on a the color scheme. I’m going to paint it in the style GW used back in the days which means mostly in red. I’m going to update it a bit, especially how they highlighted back then, using yellow to highlight red and so on.


I wanted to add some battle damage to him, feels a bit more Orky with it, so I got some Liquid Mask (Vallejo) and some left-over pieces if foam and applied it a bit randomly and then started with the red.


Detailed Painting

I’m going to try to include how I paint this diorama in my posts which I hope will make me better at remembering to write everything down. It will mostly be what colors but I might add in more things as I get used to it.

  1. Priming: Black, using some really cheap primer that I think is for cars etc but it goes on very well and isn’t to thick as long as you don’t over do it. In general I don’t use black primer but I think it will work out better on this then my normal grey.
  2. After that has dried completely (I usually wait until the next day to be absolutely sure which is a bit overkill) I painted the whole thing with Burnt Umber (VMC).
  3. Then the plan was to start adding lighter brown to help with the battle damage / rust but I forgot about it completely. Instead I put on the first layer of Liquid Mask (VMC).
  4. Then it was time to start adding some red, starting with Black Red (VMC) and I painted that so it more or less covered everything besides the absolutely darkest areas.
  5. At this stage I wanted to try to see if I were to add some more Liquid Mask, could I get the chipping both in Burnt Umber and Black Red. So I applied some more, less then the first stage.
  6. The next step was to continue with the red and make it brighter. I started with a 1:1 mix of Black Red and Carmine Red (VMC), to pure Carmine Red, to 1:1 Carmine Red and Blood Red and the last step, pure Blood Red.
  7. When that had dried I remembered that I probably should remove the Liquid Mask which I did and it didn’t get the two tones I wanted but otherwise it turned out as planned.
  8. After it had dried I mixed a 1:0.5 mix of Blood Red and Light Flesh (S75) for the first highlight.

This is as far as I got in this session.






  • I found that blogging was a really good way of keeping a record of all my schemes. It’s saved my butt so many times.

    Looking good so far Nils, and I’m quite excited to see him all rendered out!

  • Yea I always try to write down the mixes and so on in a book but I usually don’t write down the actual process which I’m trying to get better at doing, I hate it when you need to redo a color and have no idea how you mixed it in the first place.