Mordheim, an Unsuspected Journey

Mordheim, an Unsuspected Journey

A couple of people in the club started playing the Mordheim computer game recently and decided to start playing the miniature game again and they asked if I wanted in and it sounded interesting so what the heck, I joined in as well.

I played a lot of Mordheim back in the days when it first came out and I enjoyed it a lot then. So we met up today for a multiplayer game. We ended up being 5 players so it was quite crowded on the table but it worked out pretty ok.

Unfortunately my phone’s camera isn’t really working atm and I forgot to bring my regular one with me so I don’t have any photos of the game it self.

At first I had planned to use a Possessed gang but I couldn’t find the right miniatures for it so I ended up with a Averland Mercs gang that probably wasn’t very well put together (don’t remember much in terms of strategy) but there were a bit of everything in it. And as my memory sucks I forgot to bring any miniatures with me so I borrowed some random proxies, LoTR Elves etc.


Captain, with a Pistol, Sword and Buckler

Sergeant, with a Pistol, Sword and Buckler

Bergjaeger x2, with Sword and Longbow

Youngblood, with Axe and Buckler


Mountinguards x3, with Axe and Buckler

Marksmen x2, with Bow and Dagger


The Game

The game started off looking quite grim. I was squeezed in between a Skaven gang and an Undead gang. Everything started very well with my Bergjaegers taking out a Skaven something each but that was more or less the only thing I managed to do. After a couple of Close Combat phases I decided that it was time to run away.

I didn’t end up loosing more them one of my Mountinguards and my Youngblood got his Toughness reduces to 2.

After the game my two Bergjaegers leveled up but got mostly crap stat bonuses and I changed the weapons on my Mountinguards to Halberds as I have better models for that then Axes. I also recruited 2 extra Marksmen to help me in the next game.

When I got home I got out my boxes with my Empire army that I never used (not even once, which is a but sad) that I build using historical miniatures, mostly from Perry and Artizan and started building some appropriate miniatures for the gang.


Going from left to right, there’s the Youngblood, the first Bergjaeger, a Sergeant, the second Bergjaeger and the Captain. The plan is to repaint them when I have the time for it.