Rotten Harvest, Results and Critique

Rotten Harvest, Results and Critique

So the rotten Harvest is over and there were some really nice entries. I’m quite pleased with my entry, Malefika by Aradia, but I’m very disappointed with some parts of the competition were handled, specifically how they worked with the photos.

In the rules for the competition it specifically said that we shouldn’t worry about the height of the photos so I made a tall collage instead of a wide one and uploaded it. Then when the voting had opened I went to the gallery to check the other entries and my own as well and when I checked mine the forum had resized it to a tiny ~176px wide.

Because of that you can’t see anything, more or less. It was brought to their attention on their forum but they’re not doing anything about it but will look in to it for the next one.

It’s quite frustrating to loose out because they screwed up