Due to painting her for the Rotten Harvest competition I haven’t been allowed to post any WIP’s but since the competition is over I can finally post her.

It’s made by Aradia Miniatures and I really like the miniature and she was very fun to paint. The sculpt is very well planned and I just couldn’t stop painting when I got started. It’s like a good book, “just a couple of pages more…”.

For the base I wanted to try some new things and I thought that an autumn theme could work so I went with that and I’ve never really tried to build something with bricks besides some small walls so I wanted to try that as well.

The base was rushed a little bit in the end but I like how it turned out so I’m not complaining ;).

I went with a more subtle shading and highlighting and unfortunately that made it really hard to get good photos that shows that and even after some dull coat the bricks still reflected a bit of light so parts of them look white.



Aradia Miniatures