Unboxing: Bonny, Mindwork Games

Unboxing: Bonny, Mindwork Games


Company: Mindwork Games

Scale: 54mm

Material: Resin

Availability: 50 for the first wave if I understood it correctly

I remember coming across this miniature when it got released but forgot to bookmark it and I couldn’t remember who made it.

Then a while back it popped up on my Twitter feed and I quickly ordered myself a copy, which arrived after a pretty fast shipping.


My camera wasn’t at home so I’ve used my phone so the photos aren’t the best but they’ll work.

The miniature came packed in a padded envelope with a small paper box with the miniature securely packed with some foam. Simple and effective.

mwg-1 mwg-2

On to the miniature itself.

The first thing that struck me when opening the box was that amount of pieces that came with the kit. It only contained 3 pieces, I had expected it to be more then that and I’m quite pleased with it not being 5-6 small delicate parts that my clumsy fingers have problems attaching without getting glue everywhere beside where it’s supposed to be.

mwg-3 mwg-4 mwg-5

As you can see on the photos the pieces are the chair, the girl and lastly one of her hands.


The casting is very clean, there’s a little bit of flash but it’s very thin and shouldn’t be any problems cleaning it up and there’s no bubbles or anything like that.


I really like this miniature. It has a lot of character and it’s a nicely sculpted. I don’t have any of Mindwork Games’ other miniatures so I can’t compare it but if the rest is as well designed and executed as this one, I’ll be a returning customer.



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