Specialist Games Awakes

Specialist Games Awakes

I guess that most of you who play GW games and are part of the online community has seen the news/rumors that they are bringing back the Specialist Studio. At first I was very sceptical and took it as a stupid rumor but now it seems to be true. They confirmed it in their new Warhammer app.

This is a very interesting choice by GW and if done right, it could be a very good thing for them. In the announcement they list 4 games that they want to work on but also says that there are more games than those. The games listed are;

  • Blood Bowl
  • Epic
  • Necromunda
  • Battlefleet Gothic


I think that those games would be a good start as they cover 4 very different style of games and different complexity. Both Blood Bowl and Necromunda are games that are easy to start with and doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg and skirmish sized games have become very popular.

Epic and Gothic would in my opinion cater more to the veterans out there and that would be a very good thing in my book. They don’t really have a game that does that at the moment, you can argue that 30k is more for the veterans but I don’t really agree with it.maxresdefault


The biggest issue I see with this is that at least Blood Bowl and Epic (not sure about the other two) has had a very good community that has continued to work on the games since GW pulled the plug on them and I think it’s important that GW doesn’t just throw them under the bus. A lot of the changes made for them have been great and definitely helped to keep those games alive.


I would be surprised if we’ll see much support when it comes to miniatures, the might do a small release but I doubt that we’ll see the full range. But I, of course, hope that I’m very wrong when it comes to that. If they end up releasing the miniatures I think I’ll have to get a BFG fleet.



For me, it’s definitely Epic that I have the most hopes for. In my book it’s the best game GW has ever released.

Now they just need to bring back Citadel Journal and Man ‘o War and I’ll be a happy nostalgic geek.