New Adventure: Sculpting

New Adventure: Sculpting

So back in high school I took an art class and one part of it were to sculpt something. My sculpt looked like crap but I really enjoyed sculpting it.

Since then I’ve thought many times that I would like to give it a try again and considering I graduated back in -99 it’s been a while.

A bunch of months ago I got that idea again and this time I actually order some clay, Super Skulpey, and some tools.

After that had arrived it ended up collecting dust but a week or three ago I decided that enough is enough and started researching and started making some small figures and human heads.

Comparing them to what I made back in high school these new ones definitely wins and it’s been going better than I had anticipated. It’s nowhere close to being anything remotely close to good.

It’s definitely something I’m going to continue playing around with as I find it both fun and relaxing and I probably should pick up an anatomy book later on as well.

Enough of me ranting, here’s some of the things I’ve made this far, they aren’t finished yet (missing their ears etc). These are all made with Super Skulpey besides the last one that is my first try using oil clay (Chavant NSP) which is quite different from Skulpey but also very fun to use.

Sculpting heads 2

Head sculpting

Chavant NSP Creature


  • It’s good you are documenting from the beginning…you’ll see such massive improvement in such a short period, that this post will help you look back and just see how bad ass you’ve improved.

    I already love the character in the pieces you’ve sculpted already!