Cataloging the Lead Pile

Cataloging the Lead Pile

A while back there were a very good blog post over at Noobs and Their Paintbrush (a very good blog that you should follow) on how the author started cataloging his collection of miniatures.

That post made me start thinking about how I could adapt that to help me start cataloging my own pile of lead.

I use more or less the same system, I just added a code to each miniature. The reason for that is that I’m mostly cataloging the older “collectable” miniatures so they will be packed in bags with the label so I can find them easier.

(I had a couple of years where I bought quite a lot of old Rogue Trader miniatures just for the sake of having them as I really like the style of the old 80s miniatures.)

I’m going to catalog my “normal” miniatures as well but I’ll save that for later.

On to the spreadsheet.

As for what software to use, any spreadsheet software should work. I use LibreOffice because I prefer to use Open Source software when I can.

Cataloging the Lead Pile
Cataloging the Lead Pile – Index page

I started with an index sheet that collects data from the individual sheets for the different games. It gives you a good overview of the collection.

The sheets for the different games is made the same way as the post that inspired me to do this (besides the one for the collector sheet as I wrote earlier). As you can see on the picture, I’m keeping track of how many copies of a miniature I have and if it’s painted or not.

Cataloging the Lead Pile
Cataloging the Lead Pile

It’s going to take quite some time to go through all the crap I have but it’s going to be worth it. My memory is quite bad so having an actual list of what I have will help me a lot.

I’m also using this as an excuse to organize where I store my miniatures and labeling it so I can find it when I need it.


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