Warlord Diorama Competition – Part 1 – The Base

Warlord Diorama Competition – Part 1 – The Base

Still not having much time or energy for painting I started planning my entry for the Warlord Games diorama competition.

I decided that I wanted to make a muddy winter city fight diorama with Russian and German soldiers and maybe a vehicle. I made some sketches and a Sketchup mockup and bought a photo frame in the right size and started with building up the ground with Das Clay and rubble to reduce the flat feel.

It was about here I realized that I wasn’t happy with my plan so I started changing things around and after a day or two I was feeling a bit more content with it. I went from the planned 10-12 miniatures plus a light vehicle down to 5 miniatures and a medium vehicle (mostly because I already have it).

WLG Diorama side mockup

With that taken care of, I started by making the ground using dirt, dried peat and my home made forest scatter mix. After that had dried I put down some wood glue and added my rubble/brick mix and shaped it a bit. Then I mixed up some wood glue and water and more or less drowned the rubble with it and after it had dried completely I redid this step again to be on the safe side.

WLG Diorama rubble test

The building is made from foam board and Das clay. I cut the foam board into the right size and gave them a good coating of wooden glue and then I pressed a thin layer of clay on them and scored them to get the stone effect.

WLG Diorama house

The first idea for the building was to add a part of a bride with some Russian soldiers on it but when checking it with my mockup, it didn’t look very good and it felt a bit to tall so I cut of a cm or two which worked better. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it.

The scoring didn’t turn out great so I’m planning to going over it again with a suitable tool

The soldiers on the photos are just placeholders to see if it will work the way I want.