Christmas Came Early

Christmas Came Early

I usually don’t get much in the terms hobby related gifts for Christmas so I normally get myself something.

So this year I thought I would skip that and get something a bit bigger, and not related to the miniatures hobby at least, that I needed to get soon anyway.

After a lot of researching I hadn’t found any in my price range but then came Black Friday (kinda weird that they have that here noways) and I found one with a nice fat discount so into the basket it went.

3 days later I got to pick it up and then my dad brought his toolbox and after some drilling etc I now have a freaking awesome, and wall mounted, new 40” 4k monitor for my computer.

I wanted to get an ultra wide but they were still a bit expensive and after having used the one I got for a week or so, I don’t regret my choice at all.

I haven’t tried any gaming on it yet but I don’t think it will be an issue as I more or less only play TBS games.

The feeling in process isn’t over yet, it was a very big change going from a 23” to this monster but I can definitely say that I don’t want anything smaller than this.