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Warlord Diorama Competition – Part Doh!

Warlord Diorama Competition – Part Doh!

That lovely feeling when you re-read the rules for the competition and realizes that you shouldn’t post WIP photos besides on their forum so I had to restart the whole thing.

It’s not a big deal as I hadn’t made that much progress on it and now I have a good opportunity to change some parts around.

The first idea I had was a city fight scene which didn’t really show. I’m still aiming at that theme but with some changes.

The biggest change will be that I’m going to try to make it a more industrial scene. A kinda Stalingrad inspired look so now I’ve spend the last day or two sketching out a plan for it and today I got the foam board I had ordered, perfect timing.

I had ordered some foamed PVC sheets but I don’t think that was what I got. It’s still usable but still slightly annoying but it was cheap at least.

I’ve registered on the Warlord forum and I’m going to post there when I have something to show.