Looking Back at 2015, the Good, Bad and the Rest

Looking Back at 2015, the Good, Bad and the Rest

I hope everyone has had a good holiday. I for one is happy that it’s over or well, more or less, just tonight left.



Yesterday I got the always interesting email from WordPress with statistics on how the year has been for the blog and it’s was a very fun report to read. Apparently I’ve managed to more then double the amount of visitors comparing it to 2014.

I didn’t expect that big of a change to be honest but it was something I’ll happily be wrong about.

One thing that I want to get better at is using Twitter.

Besides that I also found out that with the end of the year also means that I’ve been posting here for roughly 5 years.



This year I think I’ve broken my annual record of the fewest number of miniatures painted over a full year, clocking in with only 37 finished miniatures. At the same time I think that I’ve spend more time painting during 2015 then I ever have before with focusing more on bigger miniatures now then I do on gaming figures.

With the increase of my time spend painting I will see it as a success. Another thing that I do see more as a failure is the amount of miniatures I’ve bought over the year.

I was hoping to end up with just a couple more then I’ve painted but then I started my Russian winter army for Bolt Action.

With all that I ended up at a solid -135 miniatures which is roughly -100 more then last year.
(plus I just realized that I ordered some new vehicles for my Russian army just a couple of days ago)



Doing more gaming was one thing that I really wanted to do during the year and I think I ended up with more or less the same amount.

The year started really well but then we had some big setbacks in the club which we didn’t know for quite some time if we would be able to continue as an organization or not.

Quite a lot of it has been fixed and I hope the rest will be as well.

Game of the Year


For me it’s an easy answer. Not because it’s the best balanced game ever or very tight rule-set but because I haven’t had as much fun with a miniature game in quite some time:

Bolt Action

We’re not a very big group of players yet, only 4 but hopefully we have at least one more member joining in soon.

BA has completely taken away my will to play 40k for now.

Best Painted


I think that my best miniature of the year is the Abyssal Warlord.


Best Base


This was hard to decide but I think I’ll have to say that the base for Malefika is the best one.




I don’t really know what goals I have for the coming year. I managed to get most of the realistic ones done during 2015. Painted more bigger miniatures, entered more competitions, learned new techniques and advanced my painting.

I think that for 2016 I will blog more, paint better, enter more competitions and more sculpting.


Happy New Years!