Back in Action With a RPG Report

Back in Action With a RPG Report

Life has finally calmed down and I’m back in action.

A friend at the club has talked about running a rpg campaign based on Metro 2033 and as i like the book quite a lot i told him that I would like to join in on it.

He’s using the All Flesh Must Be Eaten rules, which is based on the Unisystem. he modified it a bit to make it a bit harder to abuse.

We had the choice of playing either a survivor or a “normal”. The survivors are quite a bit better stats wise but can’t be older than 25 so if you want to have any memories of the world before the war or to have had an actual education or career you have to play a norm.

The character i had in mind didn’t need a formal education so i decided to make a survivor. My idea was to make a somewhat obsessed card player who dabbles in stealing the odd thing when needed.

The others are playing an electrician, a soldier and an old doctor.

Last weekend we played our first session.

If you haven’t read the books or played the game, it’s set in 2033 after a nuclear war in Russia. The ones that could took refuge in the subway system and in the 20 years since the war it has developed into a myriad of societies that’s based on the subway stations. Some consists of just one system and others can be much larger.


Our station is in the far north eastern corner of the metro and it’s a small and quite unimportant. after some controlled explosions part of the tunnel, which was weaker than we thought, collapsed and made a passage to the surface. Of course we haven’t gone up there as it’s more or less a death sentence but it has put us under attack by surface mutants. This far we stand our ground but we will run out of ammunition.

So as a normal rpg scenario, we’re send out to find help and as always it didn’t go very well this far. but we’re still alive.