Bolt Action, Where to Go?

Bolt Action, Where to Go?

I’m currently debating with myself if I should add another Bolt Action army to my collection or not. Two friends are building pacific armies and we’ve bought some of the Asian buildings from Sarrissa so I want to get an army that fits better with that then my Russian winter army.

My friends are building Japanese and British armies so I’m thinking about getting a USMC one using the Guadalcanal list which allows me to use paratroopers as well as marines.

The only problem is that I can’t find much information on how the uniforms differed between the paratroopers used in Europe and the ones used in Asia. The plan right now is to use miniatures from Artizan or Offensive miniatures. I doubt neither of them has the correct uniforms but they look good and I’m not to bothered if they aren’t 100% correct.

As for the miniatures, I really like the Offensive Miniatures paras but they are somewhat small. Artizan on the other hand are more towards the heroic style but makes absolutely brilliant miniatures. I’ve had quite a few from them before and they have never disappointed me.

A third option would be Black Tree Design, but I can’t find good photos of them so I doubt I will use them. Knowing myself I will mostly likely go with Artizan.

Using Warlord’s paras crossed my mind as they look great judging from the photos but I’ve had terrible luck with Warlord’s metal miniatures and try to avoid them as much as I can.

I still want Chinese army but the cost of the miniatures I could find were much higher than I thought they are worth.

Decisions, decisions….

After some more research and finding Black Tree Design’s 50% off all historical infantry, I have now ordered the paratrooper part of the army.

I got some nice reinforcements for my Russians this weekend, two M5 Half-tracks, one T-26A and one Katyusha which I’ll try to write a review on in a couple of days.

  • Derek

    Are you happy with the BTD paras? Assuming they turned up?

  • They turned up, just took them a long time to ship them because of the sale. I do like them, they aren’t quite at Artizan’s standard but I would say they are my second choice and I’m very happy with them.