Review: Warlord T-26A

Review: Warlord T-26A


  • Company: Warlord Games
  • Scale: 28mm
  • Material: Resin and metal

I wanted to add a smaller and earlier tank to my army and I decided on the T-26A mostly just for the looks. It much be better if it has more than one turret right?


There isn’t much of an unboxing for this kit as it came without an actual box but wrapped in bubble wrap. The packing was more than enough and nothing was broken. There was one piece missing but it wasn’t anything essential so I’m not going to bother writing Warlord about it.



The sculpting varies some between the different products I’ve bought from Warlord, some have been very good and some quite bad and this one is definitely one of the good ones.

It comes with surprisingly few parts, which I prefer, and everything fit together very well.



Most of the parts in this kit is resin, with only a couple of details in metal. The casting is very good with only minor work needed to get everything to fit well. There were some flash but it was very easy to remove. I think that this is among the best casting I’ve gotten from Warlord this far.


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