Review: Katyusha Zis-6 BM-13

Review: Katyusha Zis-6 BM-13


  • Company: Warlord Games
  • Scale: 28mm
  • Material: Resin and metal

The Katyusha is a quite iconic piece of military vehicle and one that has been surprisingly hard to find a model for until quite recently. I think that there has been a full metal one before but not in resin as far as I know. Warlord did get beaten by Mad Bob Miniatures but they weren’t far behind.


There isn’t much of an unboxing for this kit as it came without an actual box but wrapped in bubble wrap. But still one piece had broken but it wasn’t any problem to build it.

The first thing that I reacted to was the amount of pieces this kit actually contains and with that I was quite sure that it would be a pain to build.

Again, they should include instruction sheets. At least for this kit they have it on their website.



The sculpting of this kit is good but lacks a bit in design as it was quite a pain to build. But with some patience it turned out OK in the end.



The resin part of this kit was more or less flawless and only needed cleaning on a couple of spots. The metal parts were better than a lot of their other kits but still could be improved. The worst parts were to wheels that needed a lot of cleaning but the launching ramp were much better.



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