Review: Warlord M5 Half-track

Review: Warlord M5 Half-track


  • Company: Warlord Games
  • Scale: 28mm
  • Material: Resin and metal

I ordered two of these to make my Russian army a bit more mobile which they really need for missions with objectives and I’ve build my Russian army to be an up close army so I need the speed and mobility.


There isn’t much of an unboxing for this kit as it came without an actual box but wrapped in bubble wrap. The packing was more than enough and nothing was broken.

I wish that they had included an instruction sheet for building it because it was a bit tricky to build it just using their product photos to guide you.



While I have some problems with this kit I don’t think it’s from a bad design. The body is nicely made and I had no problems with that part. But that’s just one of many pieces and most of the other ones aren’t very well made.



This kit really shows why I hesitate to touch anything metal from Warlord. The casting is terrible. Most of the pieces doesn’t fit well even after a lot of cleaning and fixing. Both the kits I got had exactly the same issues.

I don’t know what issues they have with the casting. If it’s the molding or something else. It just makes me more motivated to buy my vehicles from somewhere else, which really is a shame because I find their resin is usually very well made and same with most of their plastic (even if I prefer metal for most miniatures).



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