Metro and Upcoming Trip

Metro and Upcoming Trip

This last weekend we played our second sitting of a home made Metro RPG based on All Flesh Must Be Eaten, which uses Unisystem as it’s rules. The game is mostly based on the books and in particular the first one, Metro 2033, which is a very good book that you should read. I haven’t played much of the computer games but I hear that they are quite good as well.

The story isn’t taken from the books but a home made one. This far in it’s a lot of fun. I really like the setting and I’m a big fan of the genre in general. Everything from Roadside Picnic by the Strugatsky brothers (which is an amazing book btw), the book I believe more or less started the genre to the later movie adaptation Stalker by the great Tarkovsky and then on to the more modern takes on it with the STALKER computer games (also very good) and then Metro 2033 and the rest of the Metro books.

As always when we play RPGs most things go to hell. Most of us are as far from power gamers as you can be which means that we’re not very well prepared for adventuring in the very dystopian metro system we live in. But some how we’re all still alive. I’m not sure how I survived today’s sitting as I spend half the time passed out and struggling to, well, not die.

Vacation Time

My dear mother decided that she wanted to go on a small vacation with me and my sister so after some debating we settled on going to Prague for 4 nights in April which is going to be very interesting.

I’ve always wanted to go there as there’s a ton of museums and sights to see there. Unfortunately the big military museum outside of Prague doesn’t seem to be open then but they have a smaller one in the city that’s open plus a couple of other ones I plan to go to (one for the KGB and the Communist one to mention two). After we get back home we’re staying at my sister so me and her can go and see John Cleese’s stand up show that we have tickets for so it’s going to be one hell of a week.

If you happen to know any must-see spots, feel free to let me know.


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