Review: Black Tree Design US Paratroopers

Review Black Tree Design US Paratroopers


  • Company: Black Tree Design
  • Scale: 28mm
  • Material: Metal

A while back I ordered a bunch of US Paratroopers from Black Tree Design to start off a new Bolt Action army. I have a small number of their Russians and a bunch of Dr Who miniatures that I’m very happy with.

The company has had periods of very bad reviews but I haven’t had any issues with my orders besides that the last one took a long time to get shipped but they were having a big sale at the time so I can understand it.

When researching what miniatures I were getting for this army a lot of people mentioned that the quality of their sculpts can be a bit uneven but I decided to try my luck and get some.

I ordered the following packs:

  • 1x WW9028 – U.S. Para Snipers (2)
  • 1x WW9033 – U.S. Para Flamethrower Team
  • 2x WW9027 – U.S. Para Bazooka Team (2)
  • 1x WW2066 – U.S. Para HMG Team
  • 1x WW2274 – U.S Paras with SMGs I (4)
  • 1x WW2068 – U.S. Para Characters I (4)
  • 1x WW2304 – U.S. Para Characters II (4)
  • 2x WW2094 – U.S. Paras with Carbines I (4)
  • 1x WW2081 – U.S. Paras with Rifles II (4)
  • 1x WW2067 – U.S. Paras with Rifles I (4)

I’m not going to review them one at the time but as a whole collection.


They came packed in zip lock bags with some packing around in a sturdy box. I was a bit afraid that they would be broken packed like that but not a single one had anything to complain about.


I don’t know if it’s true that their sculpts varies in quality very much but these were very well made. There’s one or two that I would rate below the rest but otherwise they look great and I’m looking forward to seeing how they look painted up.



There are some flash on them, mostly under the base that were easy to remove. Some of them had a small piece here and there but not in any bad spots. As for mould lines, this far I haven’t found more than one so I would say that the casting quality is pretty good.



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