Stalker – Part 1 – Planning a Diorama

Stalker – Part 1 – Planning a Diorama

When I finished my entry for Warlord’s diorama comp I felt that I should try to build another one that I’ve have wanted to build for some years now, a Stalker inspired one in 1/35 scale.


I were browsing around looking at photos from abandoned buildings etc and found one that I just felt I needed to use for this project. The photo is taken by Dan Marbaix (check out his work, it’s really something special) and it’s the first one on this page:


Armed with that photo and a general idea of what I wanted I started sketching a layout in Sketchup. The first one I made felt a bit small so I restarted and made it a bit bigger and more detailed.

First try:


Second try:



The plan is to have parts of the building collapsed and have five miniatures in it. The picture above shows how I plan to place the miniatures.

Red area = Collapsed part of the building.
Green areas = Miniatures.


If I can find it, I’ll include some run down old furniture.