Stalker – Part 2 – Construction in Progress

Stalker – Part 2 – Construction in Progress


Stalker – Part 1 – Planning a Diorama

Brick Walls

After some trial and error I build the base layer of the building using foamed PVC as the basic material and then adding homemade bricks (I’m writing a tutorial on the subject) on the outside and glued it down on the base.

When that had dried I put a generous amount of wall filler on the bricks and in-between them and took a toothbrush and started scrubbing the walls lightly in a circular motion. This gets the filler in everywhere and removes most of the filler on the bricks and it looks a lot better than without doing this I think.


The next day when I were to start painting them walls I realized that I had used a bit too much wall filler so the bricks weren’t very defined. To solve that I grabbed a small pointy hobby tool and started scribing the plaster. It took quite some time but it was worth it, it looks much better now.

The downside with this method is that, if you didn’t color the plaster, get a very bright white mortar so I gave it a couple of oil washes.


After that I got started with the groundwork. I used a mix of mostly homemade materials. I don’t know exactly to what proportions I used for each thing, but what I used was:

  • Fine cork scatter
    Fine Ballast
    Normal wood glue

Mix it together and spread it all over the base.

While it was still wet I sprinkled some dried tea, a homemade forest basing mix and a little bit of a urban mix I made plus some leafs.

When everything was dry enough, it was time to get it primed. I don’t have an airbrush so I had to do with spray cans.

On the ground I used black, brown and some grey. The building got some red brick spray and the trees I’m planning to use got brown, green and grey.


While waiting for everything to dry and stop smelling like a chemical factory I got started with building the wooden floor for the building.

It’s build using ice cream sticks (not sure what you call them) that was split in two. When build, it got some brown primer as well and when that was dry (there’s a lot of drying) I used some crackle medium and started highlighting up to Beige Brown (VMC) with some random ivory paint for more highlights.

I want it to look “living” so I hope the details I have in plan will work out. The only thing I’ve tried this far is to add a “bed” and some dirty blankets. I’m still waiting for it to dry so I can see if I should toss it or keep it.