Stalker – Part 3 – Construction Continues

Stalker – Part 3 – Construction Continues


Stalker – Part 1 – Planning a Diorama

Stalker – Part 2 – Construction in Progress


Painting the Bricks

The base color I used was Cavalry Brown (VMC9) and then make it darker and lighter to make it look more realistic and not 100% uniformed. After that I used a brown/black oil wash as a filter. I still might do some more washes to get the mortar a little bit darker.



From the checking around I did before I started this project I ended up quite confused on what kind of walls they had in Soviet during the 80s but eventually I did find a couple of printable patterns from a doll house store.

I settled with a orange colored wall paper with a light pattern on it. The first sheet I printed didn’t turn out very well. You couldn’t really tell that there were a pattern at all.

After some tinkering in Photoshop it looked better but it’s still hard to see the pattern.

I started gluing it to the inner wall but it didn’t look good enough. When I were removing the wallpaper the paper kept leaving parts of it still stuck on the wall. I wish I could say that it was the way I intended it to look because it looked much better and got the feeling that it was old, abandoned and decaying.

Then I added some more, smaller pieces of the wallpaper and tried to give them a good weathering.


Feeling somewhat finished with the lower part of the building I started building the windows, which takes a long time. They turned out pretty ok besides that I screwed up the height for two windows so now they are around 1cm to high so I’ll need to figure something out when it’s time to build the roof section.

Detailing the Building

As I wrote before, I want this diorama to look alive so I got started making some small litter objects. First I made a bunch of soda/food cans that I glued down.

After that I wanted to try to make the floor look more old and abandoned so I glued down moss in between the wooden boards.

A bunch of years ago when I was planning a bigger base for a project I looked into how you can make scale books and this project could definitely use some books. By surprise, I actually found a couple of the ones I made before.

I also quickly made three newspapers that I’ll use for the base.


The bed I wrote about in the previous post turned out pretty ok but I’m not sure if I’m going to use it or not yet. If I use it , I’ll have to get a more civilian miniature if I decide to use it. I have one in mind but we’ll see..


I’ve been very unsure on what type of roof I want, at first I were planning on something a bit more elaborate but I couldn’t find the materials in stock if I didn’t want to wait for a month or two, which I didn’t. So “easy” way out, normal roofing tiles/slate tiles made from cardstock with some added texture to them.

It’s a pretty easy to make the roof but it takes a lot of time. First cut out all the damn tiles which took a bunch of hours and then spend even more time on gluing them down. But at least I’m happy with the outcome.



Most of the building are windows so they need to look good. I build them with balsa wood for the frame and pine for the parts win the actual window. I made the majority of them broken to different extents.

I haven’t started painting them yet and I have to get some transparent plastic for the glass.


Until next time…