Stalker – Part 4 – Detailing the Base

Stalker – Part 4 – Detailing the Base


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Painting the Base

Most of the painting that was done besides the primer were done with dry pigments in a lot of different colors.

The main color is a grey, brown mix and some green for moss. During the pigment stage I also realized that I should highlight the ground a bit so I did a basic grey dry brush and then back to pigments.

Field Grass

A couple of months ago, before the snow came, I picked some roots and other plant part from my mother’s garden that I’ve been saving for a good project. I picked 3 bigger roots to serve as trees with one being quite a lot bigger than the other two. I also used quite a lot of smaller roots, which I use on a lot of my bases, just really like how they look plus it’s always fun to use natural products.

I raided my box of plant materials and used 3 or 4 types of tufts plus some field grass.

The field grass is a pain in the you know what to use. The way I use them is to grab some and twist them around and put some super glue in the middle of the grass and keep it twisted until it’s dry enough to put down.

Then when you want to use it, cut it in half, glue it to the base and trim down the grass so it looks like you envisioned.



The majority of vegetation on this base is tufts which I use three different colors and heights. I think it looks a bit less synthetic if you mix the colors.


What would a diorama be without leafs :), I can’t remember where the leafs are from. I put a bit on the ground. The miniatures I’ve got on the way are dressed a bit more for late autumn or winter so I tried to keep that in mind when planning this.

I might have forgotten a thing or two but you should be able to see in the photos.


I’ve always liked the creepy looks of an abandoned playground, theme park etc. It just feels more creepy. So I’m including a swing in the diorama.

It’s made with brass tubes and bits I found in my bits box.


I wanted to have it in a pretty strong color and look old and rusty so I started with priming it in Burnt Umber, which gives a good color for building up rust later.

When that had dried I stippled on some masking fluid and then panted the whole thing red. Then wait again for it to dry. To remove the masking fluid I use some blue tack which works great for it.

Then I added some crackle medium on the red parts and gave it a black oil wash when it had crackled. While still damp from the oil wash I sprinkled some pigments over it which gives it a bit more texture than if you brush it on, on a dry surface. You can also use baking powder etc for it and when applied with a brush that gives it an even better result.