Stalker – Part 5 – Roof & Windows

Stalker – Part 5 – Roof & Windows


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I had a hard time deciding on what type of roof to use for the building and how to make it. My first idea was to use tiles from Juweela or to get a mould from Diorama Debris and cast my own.

Unfortunately none of the stores I use had any type of roof that I wanted in stock at the moment and I didn’t feel like waiting for 2-3 weeks to get them. So I started looking into making the roof myself. After a couple of …err..not so good results I settles with slate tiles that I made from cardstock.

In general I don’t like to use cardstock and cardboard because it can be hard to make it not look like cardboard. To change that I stippled a slightly diluted wall filler over the tiles which gave them a nice texture.


The hardest part of making the roof like this is that it takes a loong time to cut out the tiles and even longer time to glue them down. I did take the easier approach and didn’t cut all the tiles in singles but added some strips as well.


I added some areas without tiles and glued down some sand paper to look like the material you put under a roof (I have no idea what it’s called) and I attacked some parts to roughen it up more.

The painting was quite easy. I primed it in brick red and then I painted on a black layer and started dry brushing with grey/brown colors until I was happy with it.

Then I started adding dry pigments and working that in. I used different browns, greys, some blue and a little bit of green.


There are some small parts of the roof that’s supposed to be made of metal so I painted them with a generic brown and then started adding baking soda with some wood glue to get some texture and then build it up more and more with different rust pigments.


The wooden parts also started with a generic brown and then highlighted with beige brown (VMC) with more and more off-white (VMC) added. I tried to paint some wood grain but it didn’t turn out that well.

I also added some moss on the roof.


The window frames got a quit paintjob, starting with an off-white/brown base layer and then dry brushing with off-white. Then I gave it a brown/dark grey oil wash and when that had dried I went over it a couple of times with different dry pigments.

For the actual glass I cut out some pieces from some grass tuft clam shell boxes. I glues them in place with wood glue (never use super glue for that) and then gave them a good weathering with even more dry pigment (yes I love dry pigment)

With this the base is starting to come together and there’s not much left to do before the miniatures shows up. That reminds me that I need to order the rest of them…