Quick Tutorial for Making Books for Your Diormas

Quick Tutorial for Making Books for Your Diormas

This tutorial doesn’t make you produce the best looking books but it will show how to make quick and decent looking books using very simple components.

The inspiration for making my books the way I do comes from an old website that I found a loong time ago and of course I haven’t got a clue what it was called.


  • Old crappy soft cover book. I use some book about the UN from the 70s that I got from my granddad like 15 years ago.
  • Glue
  • And that’s more or less it besides the tools.



  • Measure out the size you want for your book and draw a guide on the book.
  • Cut out parts of the cover that’s going to be used as the cover on the scale books as well.
  • Fold it in half and glue together a bunch of pages (as thick as you want) and glue that pack to the scale book cover.
  • Clean up the cuts and write/draw something on the cover to make it look a bit more realistic.
  • Glue scale books to your base, diorama or what you were going to use it for.
  • You can, if you want, position them before the glue has set completely. I made one open book and a couple of closed ones.