Review – AK Interactive Extreme Reality

Review – AK Interactive Extreme Reality

  • Title: Extreme Reality
  • Company: AK Interactive

I haven’t known about this book for very long, I found it by accident when I were looking around online for diorama books and found it on a Swedish retailer and decided to give it a try.

The Book

It contains 127 pages which covers 7 different builds that utilizes different techniques. The pages are thick and nice with a slight satin shine to them which makes the photos look great.

The book is a softcover and at least this far in, it seems to be a good binding.



The photos in this book are very nice. Both the actual photos and the editing of them are top notch and there’s plenty of them to keep you interested.


Here I have a small complaint, there are too many places where they have misspelled words and most of them are just stupid mistakes that really should have noticed before printing it. There are a couple of places where the “the” is printed “the” for example.

I don’t mind if the English isn’t perfect, mine sure isn’t, but stupid mistakes like that should have been fixed before sending it to the printer.


The builds featured are:

  1. Cycle of Life, a larger scaled bicycle with very heavy weathering.
  2. Bulldozer, a quite heavily weathered Bulldozer.
  3. Walls of Decay, building and weathering a building.
  4. Oil Drum, a larger scale, very heavily weathered oil drum.
  5. Major Refurb, a farmers tractor.
  6. Devastation, an old rusty car.
  7. Shore’s Café & Bar, a building and a pickup truck.


The length of the builds varies a bit but there’s plenty of pages for each of them and they explain the steps well.

For myself, I found all of them interesting to read about but the Walls of Decay and Oil Drum stood out as my favorite builds.


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