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What’s on the Workbench – Week 12

What’s on the Workbench – Week 12

A general update to what’s up on my workbench.

Right now I have a bunch of different projects going in various degrees of completeness.

Speed Painting BA Partisans for a mate at the club

I finished the first batch this week and batch 2 has found its way on to my desk. This time it’s 14 horses that awaits some painting.

Painting / Modelling Books

I’ve posted one review this far (for the AK Interactive Extreme Reality) but I have another 3 to finish reading and write a review for.

This far in they all seem quite good, but I still have more of them to read before making up my mind.

There’s a couple of other books I’ll be looking at getting.


Stalker Diorama

The base is more or less finished so now I’m just waiting for the first batch of miniatures to arrive.

I should have the first 2 tomorrow if the tracking is working as it should, then I need to order the last 3 later on.

This far in I’m very happy with the result of the build.

Mystery Project

I haven’t mentioned anything about this project before, it’s an idea I’ve had for a long time but never really seen how to turn it in to a reality.

Around a week ago I had a flash of “genius” (I use that in a very loose sense) and changed some things around in my head and started working on it.

Right now it’s a been on a couple of days break, I ran out of supplies so I’m eagerly waiting for postal office to deliver a box of goodies.






  • The stalker diorama…wow wow wow!

  • Thank you very much, I’m very happy with it this far. Now I just need to get working on the first miniatures and decide on the ones I haven’t ordered yet.